Lesson 4

2 Pronunciation Hacks!

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Hey there its Justin here and welcome into the first lesson of our English Hacks course!

The number one goal that students have who study with us to become fluent English speakers, to break through the language barrier and to sound more like a native English speaker. Although students study with us for various reasons, getting better at speaking is usually the number one goal and one of the best ways to improve your speaking is to build your vocabulary.

You'll notice that you're very good at speaking in English when you speak about things that you already know and use words that you're already comfortable with. However, as soon as you encounter an unfamiliar topic or use a word that you don't know the translation for in English, you immediately break that natural flow of the conversation as you try to find the right word to say.

So, your goal with developing speaking is to reduce and minimize how often you break that flow of conversation. And this is done by building vocabulary. But there's thousands of words in English, plus slang, and different dialects, so how do you learn all of these words?

Well, you need a system. And that's exactly what we're giving you today.I myself study a foreign language and im sharing with you today my system for very quickly and rapidly building your English vocabulary. Its called Vocab Volcano and in it, I'm going to give you an entire study plan and schedule, like a gym routine, as a step-by-step guide to build your vocabulary fast and for free while doing so in a way that is fun and interesting for you. I explain all of the theory behind Vocab Volcano in the guide itself so I'm not going to repeat it all here for you right now. But if you're serious about getting better at speaking then you need to keep building your vocabulary - so click the button below to go and download Vocab Volcano.

Tomorrow I'll send you another email where we're going to talk about a simply, quick hack that you can start using literally immediately to sound more authentic in English.I'll see you in the next lesson my friend.
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