We're a wonderful team of native-English speaking teachers and friends. We're fun, friendly, and care about our students. Oh, and we've got a boppin' group chat on Telegram ... we share GIFS ... and support each other, of course!

Our lessons

The purpose of English Buzz's online individual classes is to compliment the teaching and instruction that learners get with our self-study lessons. One-on-one 25 min. classes are conducted through Zoom where students benefit from personalized instruction tailored to their real­ world needs.

All the goods

Teach anywhere, anytime

Teach from home or while travelling. Flexibility is key - both figuratively and physically. #StrechThoseGlutes

Choose your schedule

Set your own schedule and teach when it's convenient for you.

Ready-made materials

Teach on our platform and get access to our lesson templates and plenty of useful tools like online chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, attachments, and more.

Support & Training

We provide onboarding training and ongoing support to help you thrive and develop as a teacher.

Referral Bonuses

We appreciate your support! Receive a signup bonus for each new student you refer to the Buzz.

Wicked community

We did mention our hot Telegram group-chat, didn't we? All the support you need, whenever you need it.
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