Meet our lovely teachers


Hi y’all! I’m what you call outdoorsy. I really like winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. I also skate and play hockey. I regularly do calisthenics and am working on the handstand pushup right now. In my free time, I also play online chess.


United States
Hello everyone! Along with teaching, I do research on Russia and Eurasia. I'm also a European champion in Ultimate Frisbee, which is a sport you've probably never heard of. My other interests include photography, soccer, hiking, politics, traveling, reading, and many more.


Hey there, I'm Jay! I love loads of different things from being outside, watching rugby and snuggling up with a good book and a nice hot cup of coffee. Most of my day is filled with exploring with my children and enjoying the simple things in life.


Hey, I'm Diana! I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I studied linguistics in Saint Petersburg State University and I'm a CELTA certified teacher with over 10 years of English-teaching experience. At the Buzz, I teach English to beginner Russian-speaking students.


South Africa
I have a range of interests and hobbies including: events management, sport, philosophy, food, capoeira, history, programming to mention a few. I'm ready to answer any questions in areas such as: phonetics, grammar, and general English.


My favourite thing to do is to be outside and go hiking or swimming in the sea. I also love languages, mainly French with some attempts at learning Spanish and Russian. I'm always happy to discuss world news, particularly politics and fashion.


Hi, I'm Irina. I've been teaching English for almost 8 years. I enjoy trying new things - traveling to a new place, learning a new skill, or just doing something out of my comfort zone. I love discussions! Tell me your views on psychology, art, culture and traditions or current social events.


Hello, I'm Alisa. I've been teaching English for 16 years, I love foreign languages, writing music and poems, playing the piano and the guitar, singing, cooking and making cakes.